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Planting Plants

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Smart Greenhouse

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Precision Farming

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The world’s smallholder farmers are one solution to the global food challenge. Working with smallholders, however, presents some obstacles, including low productivity and poor crop quality, difficulties in meeting certification standards, and a lack of farm management skills. 

Meeting the challenges of smallholder farmers

One2Farm meets the challenges by providing seed, fertilizer to improve production and investment and advisory services to them. We provide strategic guidance and tools to realize the shared value and benefits of working together.

Opportunity for inclusion to the supply chain

Smallholder farms respond positively to opportunities that enable them to join the global supply chain and contribute to food security, poverty reduction and economic growth. We connect them through cooperative farming.

Fresh and tasty produce

Our vision is to provide solutions to enable the safe, efficient and profitable production and operation of farm produce that are fresh and tasty. And pesticide free.

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Smart farming management

Smart farming management focuses on providing the agriculture industry with the infrastructure to leverage advanced technology, including big data, the cloud and the internet of things (IoT) - for tracking, monitoring, automating and analyzing operations.

Healthy and safe food

One2Farm endeavors to meet higher demands for healthier and safe products at the highest level of quality. Our farms are software-managed and sensor-monitored with higher crop yields and efficient use of natural resources to meet the increasing demand for food. 

Latest News 
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Regional Expansion

Cambodia October 2021


We will be expanding beyond our shores and starting a Smart Cradle in Cambodia. Watch out for more details in the coming months as we build the foundations for another Smart Farm.

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Together we create and do something great

More blessed to give than to receive!


We believe in small beginnings. It only takes a small step to start a journey of Hope. But it can grow into a long walk with many hands and hearts of love. Without vision, we perish and community as a whole suffer.