About Us
Our Background
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We are a young start-up with ambition. We want to help smallholder farms to prosper and be sustainable solution to the global food problem.

We are passionate about what we do. We want to attract like-minded people who want to make a difference and enjoy the journey. 

Our Values

Our corporate values are: 

  • Integrity - being transparent, tackling problems head-on and finding solutions forward;

  • Conviction - we persevere and don’t give up easily but are pragmatic;

  • Loyalty - we value and build relationships that endure.

Our Company
Image of a farmer working with automation. Depicts the work required to run a successful farm which leverages technology and know-how.

We welcome all who are interested in co-operating with us and build a community of like minded people that values integrity, social responsibility and giving back to the community, especially the marginalized. We want to be a blessing to others as we are blessed!

Image of new plant production line. This illustrates our strategy - systematic and evergreen and relevant.

Our strategy is to be “hands-on”, prepared through hard work and leveraging on existing standards, technologies and frameworks. We do not want to re-invent but innovate and create in areas where required because solutions are not yet there. 


Safety is one of our top priorities. Whilst it may be tempting to compromise safety for profit, we are guided by core values of integrity, loyalty and having strong convictions to protect not only our own but our customers and others in society. 

Environment & Sustainability
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We subscribe to the notion of creation care, believing that the world that is created should be sustained and improved and not be wantonly destroyed by overzealous and unscrupulous motives. But we take a pragmatic approach in sustaining the environment, avoiding rhetoric meant for public relations consumption only.